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September 29, 2016 NEO-MOVEMENT: LONDON



13TH NOVEMBER, 10:30AM – 5:30PM


Neo-Movement is finally coming to London! I have several new things planned so without doubt this will be the best one yet. Places are limited. It will be taking place in an Art gallery in London, Hackney from 10:30am – 5:30pm on Sunday the 13th of November.

This is a 7hr intense workshop in which attendees will receive a specially produced, brand new set of notes (only available at the workshop), learn loads of devastating effects and techniques, while developing new ways of thinking about and performing magic (quotes below from some magicians who’ve attended). Below is a small sample things being taught:

  • The Neo-Movement system.
  • My signature Ace Cutting routine.
  • How to invisibly locate any four of a kind from a shuffled deck, without apparently touching the cards.
  • A impossible coins across which looks like real magic and is simple to do.
  • A coin vanish which looks like trick photography; occurring in slow motion above a spectator’s hands.
  • An incredibly clean two-card transposition that you’ll immediately start using.
  • A Copper/Silver Transposition that happens in a spectator’s hands and uses no duplicate or gimmicked coins.
  • Plus much, much more; including many sleights, unpublished effects and new techniques for executing invisible sleight of hand.







“Ben is a great artist and has created a new scene. His philosophy and ability is supernatural. His teaching is clear and irresistible, any critical analysis will totally melt away as he leads you to the land of Oz!”
Lennart Green

“It would be hard not to state that Ben is one of the best in the world. I have known him for some time and I always hoped he would translate why he is so good into words… and this is exactly what he has done! I am better because of him. Neo-Movement could be the start of a new magic revolution.”
Rune Klan

“Personally, I feel like my quote is redundant. If you know who Benjamin Earl is, you know what he’s capable of. That in itself should be enough to convince you to spend time training with this mystical being. BUT, if you need more … In my opinion, his skill level, thinking, style and approach is close to unrivalled. A big part of this is his absolute naturalness controlling both props and people. With ‘Neo-Movement’ you are learning his system, allowing you to achieve the same perfection within your own magic.”
Colin McLeod

“It really should come as no surprise that the greatest sleight-of-hand artist of his generation has also discovered a revolutionary approach to learning and performing magic which changes everything. Yes, everything! One cannot overstate the impact Ben’s system will have on the future of magic – the Neo-Movement ideology really is THE game-changer. Ignore it and you will never fulfil your true potential as a performer; embrace it and you will be transformed. You owe it to yourself and your audiences to attend the N-M Workshop. For future generations it may well be compulsory!”
Mark Elsdon

“There’s always been an indefinable ‘something’ that separates the great sleight of hand artists from the average ones. Ben Earl has not only defined that ‘something’ but he’s developed a truly unique system that allows you to perform sleight of hand imperceptibly at the highest level. It’s like receiving a download into your brain that leaves you a better magician.”
Danny Buckler


May 28, 2016 NEO-MOVEMENT


While lecturing across Norway, Denmark and Sweden, I will be teaching many things, including something particularly special called Neo-Movement:

Neo-Movement is a revolutionary philosophy/technique which dramatically improves the effectiveness of all sleight of hand and misdirection; it develops flow, touch, timing and instinct, in ways that nothing else does. By using specific Neo-Movement drills, all techniques rapidly becomes more natural and more deceptive.

Some Neo-Movement will be taught in the lectures and much more in the workshops. Nothing like this is being taught anywhere in the world and this will be the first time I have ever taught it to larger groupsThe game has changed… practice and performance will never be the same again!

When back from Scandinavia, I will try and organise some Neo-Movement workshops in the UK.


May 22, 2016 LECTURE TOUR: 28TH MAY – 12TH JUNE


I’m about to embark on a series of lectures and workshops across Scandinavia – beginning in Norway and ending in Sweden. I’ll be teaching my approach toward sleight of hand, psychology and movement, through a large amount of published and unpublished material. 

The lectures and workshops will be in-depth, intensive events – perfect for those who are serious about getting better. It’s extremely rare for me to teach in this way, so I’m genuinely looking forward to all aspects of the process.

For information about times, dates and locations, please contact Steen at




I have finally found the time to re-launch my website! There are many developments and changes to come, but for now, at least it’s live and functioning.

Please feel free to join the mailing list and receive two free eBooks: Face Value and Red Herring (two effects which are relatively representative of my ‘approach’). They are free, but they are not just ‘cheap giveaways’ – I have spent considerable time trying to produce quality gifts that are worthy of your attention.

It’s unfortunate that this post has to be so formal and prosaic, however, over time The Shift will become festooned with more interesting stuff than you can shake a stick at! For now, I’ll continue to function as a polite English butler – opening the front door and welcoming you across the threshold of my home – but very soon, I’ll take off all my clothes, run out the back door and jump into the lake… leaving you to wander about the house on your own. So, please don’t steal anything, just be respectful and enjoy the free tea and sandwiches in the drawing room.